The C2I logo reflects fusion of high dimensional information and creating knowledge in innovative ways, learning from the process and its outcome and then applying the newly found knowledge to assist in decision making. This develops insight, leadership, knowledge, and demands mentoring of and for the process.

The advantages of our approach include application of the process against structured data and integration of unstructured information into the structured with a focus on identification of patterns and their anomalies.

Patterns are recognized initially by analysts, as are the anomalies which may present as outliers or possible noise, but although the recognized patterns make up our mental models, the anomalies are what challenge our hypotheses or confirm our understanding and thus our mental models.

Conversion of these insights into discrete data points allows observations to be fed into an automated information system that can recognize instances of patterns occurring in vast numbers of dimensions, beyond what a human can comprehend or respond to, and this in very near time.