Intelligent Augmentation (IA)

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Intelligent Augmentation is application of automation to increase the effective competence and production of a human.  Its like intelligent transportation (either a car or a horse, not sure which is best; the car will get you there fastest on a road, unless you fall asleep, but a horse will get you there in the dark, off the road, when you fall asleep).  The concept retains a person in the loop and challenges our “system” to remain susceptible to doubt and ethics.  What are your thoughts on this topic?


2 Comments on "Intelligent Augmentation (IA)"

  1. Olivia on Thu, 17th Jul 2014 11:10 pm 

    Sometimes I get really tired to sorting out the information for myself and having to come up with a good concept.

  2. Drew on Tue, 23rd Sep 2014 7:45 am 

    Some people are conceptually gifted. Others have differing talents. We are a community and have forgotten much about the meaning of that word.

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